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"Leave Your Room Behind" - X-Mas Download 2015

Camouflage wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

(2015/12/24) Camouflage and the Info Team wish you all a Christmas celebration full of reflection as well as a happy new year! Behind us lies an exciting "Greyscale" year 2015. The Christmas download for this year offers you an impression of the origins of the Greyscale song "Leave Your Room Behind". The song's history has roots back to the year 2005 where it should have originally been included on the album "Relocated". This "halfbeat" version from 2013 was an effort to "rediscover" the song. Halfbeat describes the way the drums emphasize the rhythmic half bar measurement. With this method the song has a slower effect while having the same actual tempo. The official "Greyscale Version" evolved to be much more similar to the original version from 2005. Sometimes things simply take time :)
Enjoy listening!