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Soundtrack for the movie "Fly Rocket Fly" includes songs from Heiko Maile


The music for the movie "Fly Rocket Fly", which will comes to the cinemas on September 27th, was composed by Heiko Maile. The soundtrack includes some new produced tracks from Heiko taken from the movie socre. The soundtrack was released on September 7th and is available CD and vinyl.

Heiko Maile - Lampoldshausen
from the SOUNDTRACK Fly Rocket Fly
CD, vinyl, download, stream. Out September 7th, 2018

Written and produced by Heiko Maile
Published by Tapete Songs & Krautclub Music Publishing
Music video edited by Tony Tupoleff

Demo recording 1995:
Korg MS20, Tape Deck, System 100 Bass: Heiko Maile
Final music production 2017:
Synthesizers, Mellotron, Drums & Studio: Heiko Maile

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