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Part six 1994-1996:
Pop music took a distant back seat for Camouflage. Contact was made with the organizer of an opera project by means of a common friend. Excited by the proposal, Camouflage invested more than half a year into the opera project and created visual concepts, experimental sounds and numerous demo recordings. Frustration became widespread when legal disputes between the shareholders and organizers prevented any performance from taking place. After these many experiences Heiko and Marcus had the thought to leave the music business entirely.
The manager of the band "Die Fantastischen 4", A. "Bär" Läsker, had become aware of the band through their song "Suspicious Love". He heard that Camouflage was without a recording contract and worked to secure a contract in 1994 with the firm BMG for the German market. Starting in October Heiko and Marcus recorded the fifth album "Spice Crackers" in their studio in Hamburg. The new record company allowed complete freedom for the production. The music that had been written for the opera project (e.g. "Je Suis Le Dieu") and the more open and playful work approach could now be used on their own new album. Electronic songs were created based on inspiration from science fiction films. In March 1995 Camouflage played live in Stuttgart and presented the new material to the public.
August brought the release of the single "Bad News", September brought the album "Spice Crackers" and at the beginning of 1996 the second single "X-Ray" was released. Due to misdirected projections and marketing strategies from the new record company and a difficult album concept for the mainstream market "Spice Crackers" also failed to see success. Work ended with BMG. During 1996 the Various Artist Compilation CD "Treasury" was also released; this compilation contains the exclusive song "Winter". Heiko and Marcus changed their residence from Hamburg to Stuttgart. Marcus worked there as the product manager for the record firm of the group die Fantastischen 4 known as "Four Music". Heiko remained a freelance musician and also produced music for other groups with the most diverse styles including House and Hip-Hop.

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