Love Is A Shield - Digital Release & 4k Videoclip

(2024/06/21) "Love is a shield" is now available as a digital release. The release consists of the 7" and 12" versions of "Love is a shield" and the B-side "The story of the falling fighters":

In addition, the video clip of "Love is a shield" will be released in a 4K version today at 3 p.m. (MET)

Reiner Pfisterer - FROM VOICES TO IMAGES

(2024/05/10) FROM VOICES TO IMAGES - This is the name of the exhibition in Bietigheim Bissingen, Camouflage's hometown. It is a retrospective of the work of Camouflage's long-time friend and photographer Reiner Pfisterer. The opening will take place as part of the "Bi-Bi Pop" project on Sunday, May 12th at 1 p.m. on the Bietigheim market square.

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Heiko Maile + Julian Demarre - Neostalgia

(2024/05/03) Heiko Maile and Julian Demarre, both pop musicians and film composers, have been collaborating since the mid-90s Camouflage album "MEANWHILE". Both of them had their first engagements in the field of film music independently of each other. Since the two began working together on feature films, the need to write a declaration of love for the electronic music of the 70s and 80s has grown steadily within them. With some esoteric Japanese keyboards from the 70s, which were developed for the sound of tomorrow, a work was created for all days after - the cross-genre album NEOSTALGIA, which will be released on September 6th, 2024 on CD, vinyl and digitally.
The song "Melancholia" has already been released as a first harbinger.

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Tüsn & Marcus Meyn - Blind Windows

(2024/04/05) The band "Tüsn" from Berlin has released a new version of their song "Blinde Scheiben". In this German/English version produced by Jochen Schmalbach, Marcus sings the lyrics in English, so the song has been released as "Blind Windows". So far, this version is only available for streaming.

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>> Blind Windows @ Spotify

RSD 2024 - "Love Is A Shield" lim. crystal clear 10inch

(2024/03/31) We have signed vinyl test pressings for you and you can win them if you sign up for our newsletter. Join us here and be there:

You're probably wondering which vinyl this is. April 20th is Record Store Day and we are there with this “Love Is A Shield” special edition (10″ Maxi, crystal clear). We are really happy about the edition, especially since “Love Is A Shield” is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. Wow!

Get excited for Record Store Day! On April 20th :)

official Spotify band playlist

(2024/03/29) Create the top 10 playlist of your favourite Camouflage songs here. Your choice will automatically influence the tracklist of the official Spotify band playlist "40 YEARS FAN EDITION"!


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"Bodega Bohemia" 30th Anniversary ltd. edition

(2024/03/21) To mark the 30th anniversary of the album, the band opened up the archives to assemble a special bonus edition including a wealth of rare and unreleased recordings, limited to 500 4-LP sets and 1,500 triple CDs.

1. Pedestrian's
2. Crime
3. Jealousy
4. Time Is Over
5. Falling
6. Suspicious Love
7. Bondage People
8. Close
9. In Your Ivory Tower

1. Suspicious Love (Radio Version)
2. Suspicious Love (Radio Remix)
3. Suspicious Love (G.R.D. Mix)
4. Suspicious Love (Suspicious Riff Mix)
5. Suspicious Love (Hatemix)
6. Suspicious Love (Slow Motion Mix)
7. Suspicious Love (Rave-Riff-Edit)
8. Close (We Stroke The Flames) (Remix)
9. Watch Out!
10. Crime (Blind Mix)
11. In Cold Blood
12. Crime (Ray & Ito Version)
13. Suspicious Love (Kick The Love Mix)

1. Close (Instrumental)
2. Crime (Instrumental Edit)
3. In Your Ivory Tower (Instrumental Edit)
4. Close (1991 Original Demo)
5. Close ("Four On The Floor" 1991 Guitar-Demo)
6. Believe Me (Brussels 1992 Demo v2)
7. Division (Suspicious Love - Brussels 1992 Demo v2)
8. Division (Suspicious Love - Brussels 1992 Demo v3)
9. The Bounce (1992 Demo v1)
10. Dolby (A Place In China - 1991 Original Demo)
11. Heaven Is A Miracle (1991 Demo v2)
12. Symmetry (Falling - 1991 Original Demo)
13. Alien Nation (1991 Demo)
14. Florian's Trigger (1991 Demo)
15. Suspicious Love (Live At Bear Music Days 1995)
16. Falling (Live 2000 preparation)


X-Mas Download 2023

(2023/12/24) In keeping with the 30th anniversary of our album "Bodega Bohemia", a x-mas download from this time awaits you this year.
During the many demos sessions we did with Dan Lacksman in Brussels in 1992, we worked on our song ideas for a long time and recorded multiple versions of our ideas.
However, we never worked on or published some of these ideas again afterwards. A few demos will soon be released exclusively on the 30th Anniversary Limited Edition of “Bodega Bohemia”.
We gave one demo the working title “Takahashi”, based on the name of the singer and drummer from YMO: Yukihiro Takahashi. This demo always reminded us of a few of his songs. Hence the name of our demo, which is also a homage to the work of Yukihiro Takahshi.


Camouflage and the info team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024.

Quadruple Gold for Camouflage in Berlin


Photo (from left to right):
Heiko Maile (Camouflage), Asterix Westphal (Camouflage attorney), Stefanie Zoll (Senior Product Manager Catalogue, Universal Music), Oliver Kreyssig (Camouflage), Marcus Meyn (Camouflage), Thomas Thyssen (Director Catalogue Domestic, Universal Music), Tom Bohne (President Music, Universal Music), Lutz Stoever (Management Camouflage), Gunther Buskies (Bureau B, Management Camouflage)

Credits: © Universal Music


Berlin/Germany, 2023/11/02. Over 35 years after its initial release, Camouflage's debut album "Voices & Images" - which has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide - together with the band's second album "Methods Of Silence", which sold over 250,000 units in Germany, have now both been honored with a Gold Award. These are the first officially verifiable album awards in the band's career.

In September 1987, the German electro-pop band Camouflage released their debut single "The Great Commandment", which made the trio Heiko Maile, Marcus Meyn and Oliver Kreyssig famous across all national borders.

Due to the modern sound, characterized by electronic elements, the hype ultimately outgrew the German homeland. The single reached the top 10 in more than 20 countries, and "The Great Commandment" even became a number 1 hit in US dance club songs, resulting in fans around the globe.

In March 1988, "Voices & Images" was released, the band's debut album, which immediately made it to number 16 in the German charts. The album entered the US Billboard 200 for the first time on January 14, 1989, where it recorded its best placement at number 100.

This momentum led to the next international hit a short time later. With the single "Love Is A Shield" from the follow-up album "Methods Of Silence", which was released in June 1989, Camouflage finally achieved another major success. The single remained in the German charts for over 6 months and climbed to number 9. The album also made it into the top 20 and reached number 13 in the German charts, where it remained for over 24 weeks.

The coveted Gold Awards for all four releases were presented at the Universal Music headquarters in Berlin in the presence of the band and management.

But that wasn't the only pleasant topic at the meeting: next year, the successful trio have another big celebration coming up, as Camouflage will be celebrating their 40th anniversary as a band in 2024 and will finally be performing live again in eleven German cities in October of that year.

This big anniversary will be celebrated and honored in cooperation with the Catalogue Domestic division of Universal Music Germany with further extensive catalogue promotions. Fans worldwide can therefore look forward to seeing what else can be expected from Camouflage!

Camouflage: "The albums and singles that have now gone gold are the cornerstone of our 40-year band history. It's great to see that our music is not only appreciated by our loyal fans around the world, but now also officially by BVMI/IFPI. A large part of our repertoire is in the hands of Universal Music Germany and we are therefore particularly looking forward to the newly focused collaboration with the Catalogue Domestic division. Moments like this point to the future as well as to the past. It was a matter close to our hearts to thank our former manager Karin Wirthmann and the producers of the albums, Axel Henninger and Dan Lacksman, with an award. Many thanks also go to our partners Lutz Stoever, Asterix Westphal and above all Gunther Buskies, who accompanied us for many months and advised us on the repositioning of our back catalog."

Tom Bohne (President Music, Universal Music): "I am delighted to be able to celebrate this long overdue milestone together with the band. Camouflage have helped shape electro and pop culture in Germany for decades and we will be celebrating this exceptional status again next year on the band's 40th anniversary. But first: congratulations on quadruple gold!"

Thomas Thyssen (Director Catalogue Domestic, Universal Music): "It's a full circle moment: quadruple gold, the band's 40th anniversary next year and an extensive live tour! Since their debut in the 80s, Camouflage have created songs that are timeless and yet capture the zeitgeist of this formative decade for pop culture, while also mastering the transition into the streaming age with flying colors. We look forward to a fitting anniversary year together in 2024."

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