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Thee Flanders feat. Marcus Meyn - Nightmares

(2019/04/23) Marcus Meyn can be heard as guest vocalist on the song "Nightmares" by the Psychobilly band "Thee Flanders". It's a cover version of the band "A Flock of Seagulls" from the year 1983.
The strictly limited 7" vinyl release of "Nightmares" is available in 5 different transparent colors and contains like the album "Diggin Deeper! Graverobbing 2 1/2" the original Psychobilly version.
On the CD "The Electro Remixes" there are a total of 7 remixes of "Nightmares" e.g. by Robert Görl (DAF), Beyond Obsession and Leæther Strip. It also includes 12 remixes of the "Dead Or Alive" cover version "You Spin Me Round" with guest singer Bela B of "Die Ärzte" as well as a remix of the song "Buried Alive". Few remaining copies of the strictly limited Metal Case Edition are available through the webshop of "Halb 7 Records".

Here are the links to all releases that contain "Nightmares":
- "Nightmares" 5 x 7" Bundle coloured
- "Nightmares" violet transparent Vinyl 7"
- "Nightmares" dark blue transparent Vinyl 7"
- "Nightmares" orange transparent Vinyl 7"
- "Nightmares" neon-yellow transparent Vinyl 7"
- "Nightmares" clear transparent Vinyl 7"
- "Diggin´ Deeper! Graverobbing 2 1/2" (Cover A) Digi CD
- "Diggin´ Deeper! Graverobbing 2 1/2" (Cover B) Digi CD
- "The Electro Remixes" Digi CD
- "The Electro Remixes" Digi CD METAL CASE

M.I.N.E release a "Remixed EP"


X-Mas Download 2018

(2018/12/24) Heiko, Oli, Marcus and the Camouflage Info Team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year!

This year Camouflage presents again a gift in form of a free download. Fitting for the 30th anniversary of Voices & Images, a jewel was again found in the Camouflage Archive: The very first demo version of Stranger’s Thoughts (Instrumental Playback).
Probably originating from early to mid 1987 before the overkill from ”The Great Commandment” ;-)
The recording is without overdubs, meaning: Only one stereo cassette, one play through of the material, no further recording. All sounds were played either from the sequencers of the various equipment or they were played live - no computers!
Yamaha RX-11 Drum Machine, Roland System 100, Roland Juno 60, Roland JX-3P, Korg MS-20, Roland TR-808, Moog ”The Source” and Camou's first Sampler: Akai S612 Sampler


30th anniversary of "Voices & Images" - limited edition re-release on October 12th

(2018/09/16) 1988 - 2018: To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Camouflage debut album "Voices & Images" the label Bureau B in cooperation with Camouflage publishes a limited edition as a double CD (1500 pieces) and a triple vinyl (500 pieces). The CD and Vinyl versions differ slightly in the track list and the booklet, which should certainly be interesting for fans and collectors. For the first time, all Extended versions, all important remixes and all B-sides from the "Voices & Images" era are combined in one edition.
The limited edition will be released on October 12th 2018, but can already be pre-ordered from the label Bureau B own shop.

--- Track list Double-CD ---

01) That Smiling Face
02) Helpless Helpless
03) Neighbours
04) The Great Commandment
05) Winner Takes Nothing
06) Stranger's Thoughts
07) From Ay to Bee
08) Where Has the Childhood Gone
09) Music for Ballerinas
10) I Once Had a Dream
11) They Catch Secrets
12) Pompeji

01) The Great Commandment - Extended Dance Mix
02) The Great Commandment - Extended Radio Mix
03) Pompeji
04) Stranger's Thoughts Longer
05) They Catch More Secrets
06) Zwischenspiel
07) Neighbours - Extended Version
08) Every Now and Then
09) That Smiling Face - German Band Version
10) The Great Commandment - US 12" Mix
11) The Great Commandment - US Dub Mix (2018 Edit)
12) The Great Commandment - Justin Strauss Remix
13) The Great Commandment - Acid Commandment (2018 Edit)
14) That Smiling Face - Justin Strauss Radio Version
15) That Smiling Face - Justin Strauss Remix

--- Track list LIMITED 3-LP EDITION ---

A1 That Smiling Face
A2 Helpless Helpless
A3 Neighbours
A4 The Great Commandment
A5 Winner Takes Nothing
B1 Stranger's Thoughts
B2 From Ay To Bee
B3 Where Has the Childhood Gone
B4 Music for Ballerinas
B5 I Once Had a Dream

C1 They Catch More Secrets
C2 Pompeji
C3 Stranger's Thoughts Longer
C4 Zwischenspiel
C5 Every Now and Then
D1 Neighbours - Extended Version
D2 That Smiling Face - German Band Version
D3 The Great Commandment - Extended Dance Mix
D4 The Great Commandment - Extended Radio Mix

E1 The Great Commandment - US 12" Mix
E2 The Great Commandment - US Dub Mix
E3 The Great Commandment - Justin Strauss Remix
F1 That Smiling Face - Justin Strauss Remix
F2 That Smiling Face - Tech A Pella (2018 Edit)
F3 The Great Commandment - Acid Commandment
F4 The Great Commandment - Deep Commandment (2018 Edit)

Soundtrack for the movie "Fly Rocket Fly" includes songs from Heiko Maile


The music for the movie "Fly Rocket Fly", which will comes to the cinemas on September 27th, was composed by Heiko Maile. The soundtrack includes some new produced tracks from Heiko taken from the movie socre. The soundtrack was released on September 7th and is available CD and vinyl.

Heiko Maile - Lampoldshausen
from the SOUNDTRACK Fly Rocket Fly
CD, vinyl, download, stream. Out September 7th, 2018

Written and produced by Heiko Maile
Published by Tapete Songs & Krautclub Music Publishing
Music video edited by Tony Tupoleff

Demo recording 1995:
Korg MS20, Tape Deck, System 100 Bass: Heiko Maile
Final music production 2017:
Synthesizers, Mellotron, Drums & Studio: Heiko Maile

& © 2018 Bureau B

M.I.N.E - debut album relased as cd and streaming/download

(2018/05/25) M.I.N.E "Unexpected truth within" - The debut album of Marcus Meyn's, Jochen Schmalbach's and Volker Hinkel's project is now available worldwide on CD and via streaming/download:

M.I.N.E - New single "Dangerous" released


M.I.N.E release new single "The One"


20 Years Camouflage Website and "Thief" X-Mas Download 2017

(2017/12/24) 2017 was not only the year of the 30th anniversary of the first camouflage single "The Great Commandment", but also the 20th anniversary of the camouflage online presence by Camouflage-Info-Services from Jena. We want to take this milestone birthday as an opportunity and go on a digital journey through time with you.
Let's start our journey in 1999, in the year in which camouflage released their first single again as a trio and also when Jochen Schmalbach was for the first time responsible for additional production and mixing. "Thief" was the first harbinger of the 2003 released album "Sensor".
At you will find the Camouflage Website as of July 1999, two weeks after the release of "Thief". Fittingly, this year's Christmas download is a previously unreleased Extended Version of the song "Thief". Optimized by the "Devote Jena" DJ Team especially for clubs, this version has been edited based on the "layout" versions much sought after by camouflage fans and has a length of 5m 55s.


Have fun listening, merry christmas and a happy new year to you
Camouflage and the info team.

"Four Hands" (Film score by Heiko Maile)

(2017/12/18) Since November 30th the new movie “Four Hands“ is showing in the German movie theaters. Not for the faint of heart, but extremely worth seeing. Exciting book, skillful director, great acting, impressive camera and the music is also not bad ;-)

FSK: 16 years
With: Frida-Lovisa Hamann, Friederike Becht, Christoph Letkowski
Written and directed by: Oliver Kienle
Producer: Klaus Dohle, Markus Reinecke
Production: Erfttal Film GmbH & Co. KG, Niama Film, Pantaleon Films GmbH
Camera: Yoshi Heimrath
Music: Heiko Maile
Thanks for the great help:
Volker Hinkel - Guitars, E-Bow and Studio
Alexander Scholpp - guitar and riffs
Torsten Kamps - Raspelstrings and Clusters
and of course the ARRI Team Munich for the great mix!

A digital release of the film score is already being planned. The Camouflage-Info-Service is raffling 5 exclusive CD-R promos of the title track with autographed personal dedication by Heiko Maile. In order to win this extremely rare collector's item, you must send an email to with your address as well as the name of 3 other films for which Heiko has made the music. Response must be received by 2017/12/20.

Good luck!

Further information can be found here:

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