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X-Mas Download 2020

(2020/12/24) This year Camouflage again selected an MP3 from their archive as a x-mas download. They made the choice together on the "Original Demo Version" from 2014 of the song "Count On Me". Also an original design draft by Oli for the "Greyscale" album is used as the cover.

Camouflage and the info-team wish you a silent and healthy Christmas in these difficult times as well as a hopeful new year!


"Coloured Bisquits" release EP produced by Heiko Maile

(2020/12/21) In 1994 Heiko Maile produced 6 songs for the band "Colored Bisquits" in the Camouflage Studio "Areu Areu" in Hamburg. These songs and a "Floating Moog Mix" of the song "My Only One" made by Heiko were never released. 26 years later, Heiko came across the original master tape in his archive and was able to convince the band to finally release it.

Further information:

(2020/11/20) After the 2006 released album "Relocated" has been available as streaming again since October, the concert "Live in Dresden" (2006) is now also available for the first time on all streaming portals and as download. While the audio CD "Live in Dresden" only contained 17 tracks from the concert due to the maximum length of a CD, all 23 tracks of the "Live in Dresden" DVD can now be heard, as well as the cover version of the song "Being Boiled" from "The Human League", which was not included on the DVD. All audio tracks have been remastered and are also available as high-resolution audio.

"Live in Dresden (2006)" Streaming/Download:

M.I.N.E - New EP to be released Nov 27

(2020/11/15) On November 27th, 2020 M.I.N.E will release an EP called "Live + One". On this EP you can find 6 live tracks and 1 new studio song called "Devil's Wonderland". Video clips for "The One" and "Devil's Wonderland" have already been published in advance and they are also available in advance on the streaming portals. In addition to songs by M.I.N.E, the EP also features a live version of the song "You were there" released in 2001 by Marcus Meyn and Resistance D.

"Live + One" Stream/Download:

"What can we do? What can we say?"

(2020/06/09) @BlackLiveMatter @TheShowMustBePaused

X-Mas Download 2019

(2019/12/24) Camouflage and the Info-Team wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

This year's Christmas download takes us to December 2002. The Work in Progress Demo version of "Together" was created during production for Sensor in Hamburg. You can hear that the production of the song is not yet complete, but many of the later ingredients are already there.


"Methods of Silence" 30th Anniversary Limited Edition

(2019/08/29) Since today you can pre-order the 30th anniversary edition of the album "Methods Of Silence" as 2xCD and as 3xVinyl. The CD version is limited to 1500 pieces and the vinyl edition is limited to 500 pieces. The release date is November 1st - but the pre-orders will be sent sooner.
Order online at:

Soundtrack for the movie "Killerman" by Julian DeMarre & Heiko Maile

(2019/08/29) On August 30th the soundtrack for the movie "Killerman" will be released digitaly. The music is composed, performed and produced by Heiko Maile and Julian DeMarre.

Download Soundtrack:

Stream Soundtrack:

Movie Trailer:

Next M.I.N.E live dates

(2019/08/29) Marcus is playing with M.I.N.E some more shows this year in Oberhausen (DE), Frankfurt (DE), Hannover (DE), Buenos Aires (AR), Santiago de Chile (CL) and Lima (PE).

Thee Flanders feat. Marcus Meyn - Nightmares

(2019/04/23) Marcus Meyn can be heard as guest vocalist on the song "Nightmares" by the Psychobilly band "Thee Flanders". It's a cover version of the band "A Flock of Seagulls" from the year 1983.
The strictly limited 7" vinyl release of "Nightmares" is available in 5 different transparent colors and contains like the album "Diggin Deeper! Graverobbing 2 1/2" the original Psychobilly version.
On the CD "The Electro Remixes" there are a total of 7 remixes of "Nightmares" e.g. by Robert Görl (DAF), Beyond Obsession and Leæther Strip. It also includes 12 remixes of the "Dead Or Alive" cover version "You Spin Me Round" with guest singer Bela B of "Die Ärzte" as well as a remix of the song "Buried Alive". Few remaining copies of the strictly limited Metal Case Edition are available through the webshop of "Halb 7 Records".

Here are the links to all releases that contain "Nightmares":
- "Nightmares" 5 x 7" Bundle coloured
- "Nightmares" violet transparent Vinyl 7"
- "Nightmares" dark blue transparent Vinyl 7"
- "Nightmares" orange transparent Vinyl 7"
- "Nightmares" neon-yellow transparent Vinyl 7"
- "Nightmares" clear transparent Vinyl 7"
- "Diggin´ Deeper! Graverobbing 2 1/2" (Cover A) Digi CD
- "Diggin´ Deeper! Graverobbing 2 1/2" (Cover B) Digi CD
- "The Electro Remixes" Digi CD
- "The Electro Remixes" Digi CD METAL CASE

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