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M.I.N.E release new single "The One"


20 Years Camouflage Website and "Thief" X-Mas Download 2017

(2017/12/24) 2017 was not only the year of the 30th anniversary of the first camouflage single "The Great Commandment", but also the 20th anniversary of the camouflage online presence by Camouflage-Info-Services from Jena. We want to take this milestone birthday as an opportunity and go on a digital journey through time with you.
Let's start our journey in 1999, in the year in which camouflage released their first single again as a trio and also when Jochen Schmalbach was for the first time responsible for additional production and mixing. "Thief" was the first harbinger of the 2003 released album "Sensor".
At you will find the Camouflage Website as of July 1999, two weeks after the release of "Thief". Fittingly, this year's Christmas download is a previously unreleased Extended Version of the song "Thief". Optimized by the "Devote Jena" DJ Team especially for clubs, this version has been edited based on the "layout" versions much sought after by camouflage fans and has a length of 5m 55s.


Have fun listening, merry christmas and a happy new year to you
Camouflage and the info team.

"Four Hands" (Film score by Heiko Maile)

(2017/12/18) Since November 30th the new movie “Four Hands“ is showing in the German movie theaters. Not for the faint of heart, but extremely worth seeing. Exciting book, skillful director, great acting, impressive camera and the music is also not bad ;-)

FSK: 16 years
With: Frida-Lovisa Hamann, Friederike Becht, Christoph Letkowski
Written and directed by: Oliver Kienle
Producer: Klaus Dohle, Markus Reinecke
Production: Erfttal Film GmbH & Co. KG, Niama Film, Pantaleon Films GmbH
Camera: Yoshi Heimrath
Music: Heiko Maile
Thanks for the great help:
Volker Hinkel - Guitars, E-Bow and Studio
Alexander Scholpp - guitar and riffs
Torsten Kamps - Raspelstrings and Clusters
and of course the ARRI Team Munich for the great mix!

A digital release of the film score is already being planned. The Camouflage-Info-Service is raffling 5 exclusive CD-R promos of the title track with autographed personal dedication by Heiko Maile. In order to win this extremely rare collector's item, you must send an email to with your address as well as the name of 3 other films for which Heiko has made the music. Response must be received by 2017/12/20.

Good luck!

Further information can be found here:

The Story of the Forgotten Composer

(2017/12/17) While performing as a trio of Peter Heppner, Kim Sanders, and Marcus Meyn for the “30 Years of Peter Heppner Tour” on stage, a spark of enthusiasm spread from the stage to the audience. Backstage many special moments and excited exchanges occurred regarding the artists’ individuals carriers. One such exchange resulted in a story worth sharing: It was discovered that Kim Sanders after 14 years had still never heard the recording of the song “I Can’t Feel You”, a song for which she wrote which is found on Camouflage’s album Sensor and which was released as a single. At the time her record company and management had forgotten to send her a copy of the tracks. Marcus did not hesitate long and took the opportunity in the name of the band to present her the 3 released recordings of “I Can’t Feel You”.

Marcus appears as a special guest during the “30 Years of Peter Heppner” Tour

(2017/11/25) After Peter Heppner appeared as guest during Camouflage’s 30th Anniversary Concert in Dresden, Marcus has now appeared as guest vocalist supporting Peter Heppner’s 30th Anniversary Tour. In already 5 cities Marcus joined Peter on vocals and they performed together the two Camouflage songs “That Smiling Face” and “Count on Me” as well as the Wolfsheim song “Kein Zurück”. An additional guest, Kim Sanders, joined the concerts in Dresden and Erfurt as well as the final concert today in Potsdam. The American singer Kim Sanders should also not be unfamiliar to Camouflage fans since she wrote Camouflage’s hit “I Can’t Feel You”.

The Great Commandment 7" Picture Vinyl for RSD

(2017/04/17) As part of Record Store Day on April 22, 2017, The Great Commandment 7” Picture Vinyl celebrates the 30th anniversary of the original release of the single! This special picture disc will be available in a strictly limited edition of 700 copies at participating record stores in Germany. A list of the participating shops is available at the following link:

M.I.N.E's EP "ONE" out on February 17th

(2017/02/15) On Friday, February 17th, M.I.N.E will release their E.P. “One” as a 4-track download. After the release of the first single, Marcus Meyn, Volker, Hinkel, and Jochen Schmalbach, are shortening the wait until release of the album. You can listen to a sample of the E.P. here:

- "One" EP @ iTunes | |

First M.I.N.E single released

(2017/01/27) Marcus Meyn, Jochen Schmalbach, and Volker Hinkel have released "Things We've Done" as the first single of their project M.I.N.E. The single has been available worldwide as a download since January 20, 2017. Along with the Single Version and an Acoustic Version, the digital E.P. contains remixes from Rico Hüllermeier, 9inErrors and Daniel Myer.
The corresponding video for the single was filmed by Guido Fricke last Fall in a hotel room in Leipzig after the performance at the Gothic-Meets-Klassik Festival.

- "Things We've Done" @ iTunes | |
- Further information at

"Chase" - X-Mas Download 2016

(2016/12/24) Camouflage wishes you a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year with "Chase"!
"Chase" is a song that has never made it onto an album and has remained as a demo. The version for the download is from the year 2002 as a pre-Sensor track. However, a good part of the melody in the refrain found its way into the "Relocated" song "Passing By". The text remains of course also in a demo character. "Chase" has been traveling with us for a while now.
An interesting tidbit: Some of the sounds in the demo originate from the world of "Spice Crackers". Point of reference: Choir sounds and atmosphere from "Rhonda's Trigger"


M.I.N.E - First information and live dates

(2016/02/21) Due to the fact that Camouflage will pause in 2016, Marcus is using the time to start M.I.N.E - a project together with Jochen Schmalbach, Volker Hinkel and Jakob Nebel. At the moment they are in studio.
Sometime between Moscow, Berlin, and Lima while traveling together around the world for Camouflage, Jochen, Marcus, and Volker wished to develop a new project outside of the bounds of the band Camouflage.
In order to foster a greater level of discovery as a trio, they established a rule early on - anything goes as long as all three of the participants had a interest. The past met the present and the future with a exploration ranging from deep house to Oasis, minimalism to the bombastic, Kraftwerk to the Sex Pistols.
Jakob Nebel, who joined as the last of the members, completes the group with his musical sense and versatility and has helped distill songs out of the many ideas.
The process has produced a mix of Dark Electronic and Guitars, which in their diversity bridge between Electro-Wave, Goth, Pop and Punk.
What does M.I.N.E mean? The band name points partly to the phonetically correct pronunciation of Marcus' surname Meyn. However the name also represents the individual commitment to the musical collaboration between the 4 men.

M.I.N.E are:
Drums: Jochen Schmalbach, sound engineer, songwriter and producer for acts including Klangkarussell, Tiefschwarz, Alphaville, Stanfour, Thomas D, and many more.
Vocals: Marcus Meyn, songwriter and singer of Camouflage.
Guitars: Volker Hinkel, songwriter, producer and guitarist of Fools Garden, who stormed the international charts with their hit “Lemon Tree”.
Guitars and Keyboards: Jakob Nebel, songwriter and guitarist of the band Livingston.

Two shows are already confirmed in Oberhausen as special guests of Mesh and at the Sazava festival in the Czech republic.
More shows will be announced soon ...

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