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(2014/12/19) The new album "Greyscale" will be release on March 6, 2015 in Germany and March 27, 2015 in other regions. The release will be available as a CD, limited CD, vinyl (including CD) and as a download. All formats will be released on the label Bureau B. The first teasers are now available for the titles Shine, End of Words, and Laughing. Greyscale will include a total of 12 new tracks. The song "Count on Me" is a duet with Marcus and vocalist Peter Heppner of Wolfsheim!

The full tracklist for the album Greyscale is as follows:
1. Shine
2. Laughing
3. In The Cloud
4. Count On Me (feat. Peter Heppner)
5. Greyscale
6. Still
7. Misery
8. Leave Your Room Behind
9. Light Grey
10. End Of Words
11. Dark Grey
12. I'll Find

Photos and more information are available at:

Greyscale Snippet # 4 - Shine

(2014/10/30) This new snippet from Greyscale includes a clip taken during the mixing session for the song “Shine" at Jochen Schmallbachs “Stehende Welle” studio in Berlin. Heiko, Marcus and Jochen are present.

Greyscale Tour 2015 featuring 2 opening bands

(2014/10/24) During the Greyscale Tour 2015, two electronic bands, "Solar Fake" from Germany and "Black Nail Caberet" from Hungary, will perform as special guests prior to Camouflage’s performance.

2015/03/19 - Munich
2015/03/20 - Stuttgart
2015/03/21 - Cologne
2015/03/22 - Hanover
2015/03/24 - Aschaffenburg
2015/03/26 - Erfurt
2015/03/27 - Dresden
2015/03/28 - Berlin (without Solar Fake)
2015/03/29 - Hamburg
2015/03/31 - Magdeburg

Greyscale Snippet #03 - End of Words

(2014/08/12) A new video from the production of the “Greyscale” album shows a snippet from the vocal recording session for the song “End of Words”. The session took place in the “Hinkelstone” production studio of Camouflage and Fool’s Garden guitarist Volker Hinkel near Stuttgart, Germany. Marcus, Volker Hinkel and Heiko make appearances!

Behind the Scenes of the Anniversary Concert in Dresden + Interview with Heiko Maile

(2014/08/12) The current episode of Producer Secrets ( includes an interview conducted with Heiko focused on the theme of music and technology. In addition, there is a special behind the scenes video segment. This segment gives a view into the live production and technical aspects of the sound for the “30th Anniversary Concert” in Dresden. The segment includes comments from the FOH (Front of House) audio engineer Guido Fricke, who stood behind the mixing board in the concert hall to ensure good sound quality, and also from the monitor mixer, David Eis, who was responsible for the monitor sound used by the musicians on stage.

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