Greyscale Snippet #03 - End of Words

(2014/08/12) A new video from the production of the “Greyscale” album shows a snippet from the vocal recording session for the song “End of Words”. The session took place in the “Hinkelstone” production studio of Camouflage and Fool’s Garden guitarist Volker Hinkel near Stuttgart, Germany. Marcus, Volker Hinkel and Heiko make appearances!

Behind the Scenes of the Anniversary Concert in Dresden + Interview with Heiko Maile

(2014/08/12) The current episode of Producer Secrets ( includes an interview conducted with Heiko focused on the theme of music and technology. In addition, there is a special behind the scenes video segment. This segment gives a view into the live production and technical aspects of the sound for the “30th Anniversary Concert” in Dresden. The segment includes comments from the FOH (Front of House) audio engineer Guido Fricke, who stood behind the mixing board in the concert hall to ensure good sound quality, and also from the monitor mixer, David Eis, who was responsible for the monitor sound used by the musicians on stage.

Camouflage at Radio Brocken Summer Open Air

(2014/08/12) Camouflage will have a short appearance at this year’s "Radio Brocken Sommer Open Air - Stars for free 2014” on September 6, 2014 in Halle (Salle). Additional artists at the event include Adel Tawil, Elaiza, Mark Forster and Peter Schilling. Entrance to the event begins at noon. The festival will take place at the “Pferderrennbahn” (Horse racing track) in Halle (Salle), Passendorfer Str. 1. Information about the free tickets to the event is available at!

“Seize Your Day” - Music Photography Exhibit of Reiner Pfisterer’s work

Reiner Pfisterer - Seize Your Day

(2014/08/12) For the past three decades photographer Reiner Pfisterer has used his camera to explore the world of music. His work began in 1985 at the Eselhütte in Metterzimmern with the band Camouflage, and led to global adventures through the years including opportunities with the Stuttgart Chamber Orchester (Stuttgarter Kammerorchester) in India, with the band die Toten Hosen in Argentina, or with the Brenz Band on concert tour through China. Pfisterer’s photography includes images of travel, quiet moments of waiting, great architecture, sweat driven ecstasy in claustrophobic closeness, lackadaisical spectators during concert pauses, and also backyard romance in off-beat locations.

Pfisterer’s exhibit “Seize Your Day” starts in Ludwigsburg September 14 and includes photos of Grace Jones, Nick Cave, Cro, Muse, Michael Wollney, The Queens of the Stone Age, Fazil Say and many others. For the first time three of Reiner Pfisterer’s first band photographs of Camouflage will be shown.

The exhibit will be shown on the walls of the “Kunstzentrum Karlskaserne” at Hindenburgstrasse 29 in Ludwigsburg, Germany.
September 14, 2014 - October 5, 2014 / Saturdays and Sundays 11am - 4pm, Thursdays 5pm-8pm
Free entrance!

GREYSCALE - New Timing

(2014/05/09) Unfortunately we have to postpone the release of our album "GREYSCALE" and the following tour of Germany.

Putting together "THE BOX 1983-2013" and preparing for our anniversary concert in Dresden took quite a lot more time than we had planned for. In spite of this we were confident that we would be able to stick to our timing for the scheduled release of "GREYSCALE". However, things have been turned upside down due to the fact that all three of us can't work only for the band. Sticking to the release date would mean forgoing our attention to details and the care that we until now have given our previous recordings. Our expectations for "GREYSCALE" are very high, not only because of the long wait since "RELOCATED", and we assume that this applies to our fans as well. We'd hate to disappoint our fans and are disappointed ourselves that we have to pull the brakes on this. However we are working intensely on "GREYSCALE" and believe that it's going to be a wonderful and convincing album - just a bit later than planned :-) We will keep revealing news about the album during the next months, so that you can see what we're up to...

We and our label have now agreed on the new release date of 13th February 2015.

A single will be released before the album, a second single is also scheduled.
The planned tour of Germany will be postponed several weeks - Please see below for the new dates. All previously sold tickets remain valid!

Thank you for your understanding!

Heiko, Marcus & Oli

2015/03/19 MUNICH - Backstage Werk
2015/03/20 STUTTGART - LKA
2015/03/21 COLOGNE - Live Music Hall
2015/03/22 HANOVER – Musikzentrum
2015/03/24 ASCHAFFENBURG – Colos-Saal
2015/03/26 ERFURT – Stadtgarten
2015/03/27 DRESDEN – Reithalle
2015/03/28 BERLIN – Kesselhaus
2015/03/29 HAMBURG – Docks
2015/03/31 MAGDEBURG - Factory

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