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Part one 1983-1986:
Sharing a common enthusiasm for electronic pop music, four friends from Bietigheim- Bissingen, Heiko Maile, Oliver Kreyssig, Marcus Meyn and Martin Kähling (who left the band in 1984) founded the band "Lizenenced Technology" in 1983. Drawing on inspiration from the song of the same name by the Japanese group "Yellow Magic Orchestra", the band changed their name to "Camouflage".
During this period of time Heiko and Oli were working as interns and Marcus was completing school. Each of the three worked side jobs to equip their own first studio "Boys Factory", which had been set up in the basement of Heiko's parents' home. The first local live appearance took place in 1984. One year later they recorded two demo cassettes in their studio and sent these cassettes to several record companies. Positive reactions did not come.
In 1986 one of these tapes was submitted for a talent search conducted by the Hessischen Rundfunk (Hessen Radio). Camouflage was awarded the first place and the small Frankfurt record label "Westside" became aware of the band. The song "The Great Commandment" was reworked, newly recorded and presented to the larger record companies. Suddenly several firms expressed interest and after careful consideration the band signed with Metronome.

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