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X-Mas Download 2021

(2021/12/24) At the end of the "Meanwhile" anniversary year, Camouflage have chosen one more song from this album as a download for 2021> "These Eyes". It's a version from the rehearsal room in Neuffen during practicing for the "Meanwhile" tour 1991 - including a few minor mistakes, but with a rarity ;-)

Title: These Eyes
Version: Band Rehearsal Version 1991
Vocals: Marcus
Keyboards: Heiko
Keyboards + Violin: Julian Boyd
Guitar + Backing Vocals: Ingo Ito
Drums: Thomas "Stibbich" Dörr
Bass: Klaus Heitzenröder
Cover Photo: Wolfgang Wilde

Recorded on a cassette recorder for practice purposes during band rehearsals in the small town of Neuffen for the "Meanwhile" tour in 1991.


Camouflage and the info team wish you a healthy and peaceful Christmas and a happy new year.

I'm staring into winter ...

(2021/12/21) Today is the beginning of winter and the song "Winter" is available for the first time as streaming and digital download. The cover version of "The Sound" was originally released on the various artists compilation "Treasury ..." 25 years ago and is a tribute to "Adrian Borland" & "The Sound".

Artist: Camouflage
Title: Winter
Release: 2021-12-21
Digital only
1. Winter 5:11 Min
2. Winter (Instrumental) 5:11 Min

Written by Adrian Borland (1957-1999).
Produced by Heiko Maile
Recorded & mixed at the “House of Mr. Mendoza”, Hamburg (1996)
Lead Vocals: Marcus Meyn
Electronics & Studio: Heiko Maile
Cover by RR
Photo by Oliver Kreyssig (1986)

Cover version of "Winter" by "The Sound".
A tribute to "Adrian Borland" & "The Sound" by „Camouflage“.
Originally released 1995 on Various Artists Compilation "Treasury..." (1996) and on "Camouflage - Archive #01" compilation CD (2007).
For the first time available as digital or download.

Raffle for the release of the Meanwhile Anniversary Edition

(2021/07/29) 30 years ago Camouflage released their third studio album "Meanwhile". On this occasion, a limited anniversary edition is being released today on the "Bureau B" label. While browsing through the archives for this release, the band came across some original promo articles from 1991. As long as stocks last, you have the option of receiving an original "Meanwhile" promo postcard and an original promo sticker by sending the postage fee of 1.50 euros via PayPal to micha @ (No more postcards in stock).

Among all inquiries until end of August we will raffle 7 high-quality promo folder and 3 promo CDs in an alternative cover design that are shown in the photo above.

Meanwhile - 30th Anniversary Limited Edition

(2021/07/26) On July 30th, 2021, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the release of the album "Meanwhile", a limited edition will be released on vinyl and CD on the label "Bureau B". Just like the limited anniversary edition of the albums "Voices & Images" and "Methods of Silence", there is an edition of 500 copies of the vinyl edition and 1500 copies of the CD edition.

CD 1
1. Seize Your Day
2. Heaven (I Want You)
3. Mellotron
4. Mother
5. Dad
6. Where The Happy Live
7. These Eyes
8. What For
9. Waiting
10. Accordion
11. This Day
12. Handsome
13. Bitter Sweet
14. Spellbound
15. Who The Hell Is David Butler?

1. Mother (Electronica Mix 2020)
2. Waiting (Demo)
3. Spellbound (Demo)
4. Seize Your Day (Demo)
5. Bitter Sweet (Demo)
6. Who The Hell Is David Butler? (Demo)
7. Riding With Lawrence (Demo)
8. Finally Writing (Demo)
9. Lonestar Karma (Demo)
10. Missing Mark (Demo)
11. Quest For A Cure (Demo)
12. Towers (Demo)
13. Heaven (Club Mix)
14. Heaven (Club Too Mix)
15. Handsome (Mosaic Remix)
16. Handsome (Psycho-Ray-Mix)
17. Handsome (Slow-Motion-Mix)
18. Handsome (Live 2000 preparation)

A1 Seize Your Day
A2 Heaven (I Want You)
A3 Mellotron
A4 Mother
A5 Dad
A6 These Eyes
B1 What For
B2 Waiting
B3 This Day
B4 Handsome
B5 Bitter Sweet
B6 Spellbound

C1 Where The Happy Live
C2 Accordion
C3 Who The Hell Is David Butler?
C4 Riding With Lawrence (Demo)
C5 Finally Writing (Demo)
C6 Lonestar Karma (Demo)
D1 Waiting (Demo)
D2 Spellbound (Demo)
D3 Seize Your Day (Demo)
D4 Bitter Sweet (Demo)
D5 Who The Hell Is David Butler? (Demo)
D6 Missing Mark (Demo)
D7 Quest For A Cure (Demo)

E1 Mother (Electronica Mix 2020)
E2 Heaven (Club Mix)
E3 Heaven (Club Too Mix)
E4 Handsome (Mosaic Remix)
F1 Handsome (Psycho-Ray-Mix)
F2 Handsome (Slow-Motion-Mix)
F3 Handsome (Live 2000 preparation)
F4 Towers (Demo)

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Heiko Maile "Demo Tapes 1984-86" out now

(2021/06/25) Today Heiko's album "Demo Tapes 1984-86" with 15 instrumental tracks from the time before Camouflage had a record deal, was released. The album is available digitally, on CD and also on vinyl. The limited edition in red vinyl is already sold out. Today Heiko's album "Demo Tapes 1984-86" with 15 instrumental pieces from the time before Camouflage had a record deal was released. The album is available digitally, on CD and also on vinyl. The limited edition in red vinyl is already sold out. For the release of the album, a video for the song "BEAT FOR IKUTARO (TAPE 52)" was released, which the German animation director Andreas Hykade produced on the basis of the cover design.

"Demo Tapes 1984-1986" stream/buy:

More information:

M.I.N.E live at open air festival in Halle (S.) (GER)

(2021/06/25) M.I.N.E will play live on August 28th, 2021 at the Pop & Wave Festival "Eastside" in Karlsbad in Halle (Saale) / Germany. The concert in Oberhausen / Germany, which has been postponed due to Corona conditions, will take place on November 27, 2021.

Heiko Maile - Demo Tapes 1984-86 limited red vinyl

(2021/06/10) Exclusively via Heiko's "Demo Tapes 1984-86" is now also available in red vinyl which is limited to 100 copies.

Heiko Maile - Demo Tapes 1984-86

(2021/05/13) Heiko Maile will release fifteen demo tracks from the years 1984-86 on vinyl, CD and digital on June 25, 2021. The beginnings of Camouflage represent to him a personal voyage of discovery in so many ways. Ideas, compositions, arrangements, sound and not least the technical question of the recording process – this was all completely new ground for him. Any spare minutes he had were spent with synthesizers and recording equipment. Most of the tracks on this album were recorded with a basic stereo (2-track) cassette recorder.
With the aid of a mixing desk the sum of all the sound sources, was put together in a kind of “live recording”. Just a single mistake would mean having to start all over again. It ended up with heaps of cassettes, often featuring seemingly endless versions
and variations of the same track. From today’s perspective, it proved to be a blessing in disguise as it has enabled Heiko to go beyond
merely editing the tracks as now he could try out combinations of different takes. State of the art studio technology and audio restoration algorithms helped him to get these tracks back into listenable shape.

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X-Mas Download 2020

(2020/12/24) This year Camouflage again selected an MP3 from their archive as a x-mas download. They made the choice together on the "Original Demo Version" from 2014 of the song "Count On Me". Also an original design draft by Oli for the "Greyscale" album is used as the cover.

Camouflage and the info-team wish you a silent and healthy Christmas in these difficult times as well as a hopeful new year!


"Coloured Bisquits" release EP produced by Heiko Maile

(2020/12/21) In 1994 Heiko Maile produced 6 songs for the band "Colored Bisquits" in the Camouflage Studio "Areu Areu" in Hamburg. These songs and a "Floating Moog Mix" of the song "My Only One" made by Heiko were never released. 26 years later, Heiko came across the original master tape in his archive and was able to convince the band to finally release it.

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