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The Story of the Forgotten Composer

(2017/12/17) While performing as a trio of Peter Heppner, Kim Sanders, and Marcus Meyn for the “30 Years of Peter Heppner Tour” on stage, a spark of enthusiasm spread from the stage to the audience. Backstage many special moments and excited exchanges occurred regarding the artists’ individuals carriers. One such exchange resulted in a story worth sharing: It was discovered that Kim Sanders after 14 years had still never heard the recording of the song “I Can’t Feel You”, a song for which she wrote which is found on Camouflage’s album Sensor and which was released as a single. At the time her record company and management had forgotten to send her a copy of the tracks. Marcus did not hesitate long and took the opportunity in the name of the band to present her the 3 released recordings of “I Can’t Feel You”.