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Thee Flanders feat. Marcus Meyn - Nightmares

(2019/04/23) Marcus Meyn can be heard as guest vocalist on the song "Nightmares" by the Psychobilly band "Thee Flanders". It's a cover version of the band "A Flock of Seagulls" from the year 1983.
The strictly limited 7" vinyl release of "Nightmares" is available in 5 different transparent colors and contains like the album "Diggin Deeper! Graverobbing 2 1/2" the original Psychobilly version.
On the CD "The Electro Remixes" there are a total of 7 remixes of "Nightmares" e.g. by Robert Görl (DAF), Beyond Obsession and Leæther Strip. It also includes 12 remixes of the "Dead Or Alive" cover version "You Spin Me Round" with guest singer Bela B of "Die Ärzte" as well as a remix of the song "Buried Alive". Few remaining copies of the strictly limited Metal Case Edition are available through the webshop of "Halb 7 Records".

Here are the links to all releases that contain "Nightmares":
- "Nightmares" 5 x 7" Bundle coloured
- "Nightmares" violet transparent Vinyl 7"
- "Nightmares" dark blue transparent Vinyl 7"
- "Nightmares" orange transparent Vinyl 7"
- "Nightmares" neon-yellow transparent Vinyl 7"
- "Nightmares" clear transparent Vinyl 7"
- "Diggin´ Deeper! Graverobbing 2 1/2" (Cover A) Digi CD
- "Diggin´ Deeper! Graverobbing 2 1/2" (Cover B) Digi CD
- "The Electro Remixes" Digi CD
- "The Electro Remixes" Digi CD METAL CASE