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The Perfect Key

I was locked and knocked to ground.
You said that love can turn things 'round.
You said to me:
love's the perfect key
I tried so hard to get things done.
I tried so hard to be the one,
as you said to me, that love's the perfect key.

I bless the ways that we're walking,
words that we're talking
and there's more than eyes can see.
Beyond the wall of the things I've done,
you're awaiting me and love's the perfect key.

I crossed the line another time.
Existence build on coward lies,
but you offered me, a new reality.
I cried to you to hear my plea.
Our souls in one tonality.
You set me free,
love's the perfect key.

I tore down all of these walls,
but somehow,
I never thought it could be enough.
Now I know there's something rising high above,
a perfect love ...

Written by Oliver Kreyssig, Heiko Maile and Marcus Meyn