Camouflage > Lyrics


How could I knew if it's real,
when you came up to light?
My heart is easy to deal -
I'm just a simple mind.

I saw you laughing ...

You took me just by surprise,
I had no chance at all.
You passed me out with a smile
and when I hit the floor,
you said: go out of my way,
or I will blow your mind!
Sent me from heaven to hell
and left me stale behind.

'Cause I saw you laughing ...

Save my soul
from falling apart,
sow a seed inside my heart,
like a song you start to sing,
turning winter into spring.

When I see you laughing ...

Destruct me with your eyes.
Seduce me with your lies.
I am happy to go blind ...

Written by Marcus Meyn, Oliver Kreyssig and Heiko Maile