Camouflage > Lyrics


Eyes reflect the sea of light,
taking me somewhere.
I wonder how we ever,
found us out there.

Now I call your name,
from a long distance
and travel in my window seat,
to our coexistence.

I believe in our selves,
longing makes
my spirit want to fly.

You give to me,
the place to be.
Flow right through me,

You're far away,
like a summer's day.
Deep within me,
I can feel you, still.

Sky calms down
the fuss around,
makes clear
what matters.

The world
is not enough,
when we
can't be together.

Wings of love,
picked me up,
lifting me higher.

In a golden
atmosphere above,
glows my desire.

Written by Marcus Meyn, Oliver Kreyssig and Heiko Maile