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I Can't Feel You

Hold on now, hold on now,
it's all so clear.
Our circles followed me to here.
I'm cradled in unhappiness,
we're not the same,
you swore it wouldn't be like this.
Love won't spend it's days like this,
trapped in loneliness, wrapped in solitude
without having you.

I can't feel you,
can't get near you,
walk right through you,
I can't feel you.
We're so arrested,
I'm still invested now.
Can't come near you,
I can't feel you.

I'm trapped inside this shell you own,
I taste my fears.
And suddenly it reappears.
You still live inside of me,
walking through my dreams,
you always disappear,
but I'm still here.

Written by Kim Sanders, Christoph Papendiek,
Gerret Frerichs, Sven Schumacher