M.I.N.E - Empires

(2022/02/24) Marcus Meyn has posted a previously unreleased song by M.I.N.E on Facebook that is appropriate to the situation in Ukraine:
I was thinking about, what can I do to show my protest and my support… I can’t tell if it’s naive or whatever, but I’m an artist and my creativity is my possibility to spread my thoughts around the world! I wrote a song when this problems started after the last election in Belarus but it’s also a song for the situation we have in the Ukraine now…

…keep in mind,
this world will change.
As you behave,
is coming back again…
Empires rise,
Empires fall,
We raise our voices and take control.
This is the way, this world should be,
Come on, there’s so much more,
Let’s talk about it…!

M.I.N.E · Empires