X-Mas Download 2023

(2023/12/24) In keeping with the 30th anniversary of our album "Bodega Bohemia", a x-mas download from this time awaits you this year.
During the many demos sessions we did with Dan Lacksman in Brussels in 1992, we worked on our song ideas for a long time and recorded multiple versions of our ideas.
However, we never worked on or published some of these ideas again afterwards. A few demos will soon be released exclusively on the 30th Anniversary Limited Edition of “Bodega Bohemia”.
We gave one demo the working title “Takahashi”, based on the name of the singer and drummer from YMO: Yukihiro Takahashi. This demo always reminded us of a few of his songs. Hence the name of our demo, which is also a homage to the work of Yukihiro Takahshi.


Camouflage and the info team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024.