Heiko Maile - Demo Tapes 1984-86

(2021/05/13) Heiko Maile will release fifteen demo tracks from the years 1984-86 on vinyl, CD and digital on June 25, 2021. The beginnings of Camouflage represent to him a personal voyage of discovery in so many ways. Ideas, compositions, arrangements, sound and not least the technical question of the recording process – this was all completely new ground for him. Any spare minutes he had were spent with synthesizers and recording equipment. Most of the tracks on this album were recorded with a basic stereo (2-track) cassette recorder.
With the aid of a mixing desk the sum of all the sound sources, was put together in a kind of “live recording”. Just a single mistake would mean having to start all over again. It ended up with heaps of cassettes, often featuring seemingly endless versions
and variations of the same track. From today’s perspective, it proved to be a blessing in disguise as it has enabled Heiko to go beyond
merely editing the tracks as now he could try out combinations of different takes. State of the art studio technology and audio restoration algorithms helped him to get these tracks back into listenable shape.

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