Meanwhile - 30th Anniversary Limited Edition

(2021/07/26) On July 30th, 2021, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the release of the album "Meanwhile", a limited edition will be released on vinyl and CD on the label "Bureau B". Just like the limited anniversary edition of the albums "Voices & Images" and "Methods of Silence", there is an edition of 500 copies of the vinyl edition and 1500 copies of the CD edition.

CD 1
1. Seize Your Day
2. Heaven (I Want You)
3. Mellotron
4. Mother
5. Dad
6. Where The Happy Live
7. These Eyes
8. What For
9. Waiting
10. Accordion
11. This Day
12. Handsome
13. Bitter Sweet
14. Spellbound
15. Who The Hell Is David Butler?

1. Mother (Electronica Mix 2020)
2. Waiting (Demo)
3. Spellbound (Demo)
4. Seize Your Day (Demo)
5. Bitter Sweet (Demo)
6. Who The Hell Is David Butler? (Demo)
7. Riding With Lawrence (Demo)
8. Finally Writing (Demo)
9. Lonestar Karma (Demo)
10. Missing Mark (Demo)
11. Quest For A Cure (Demo)
12. Towers (Demo)
13. Heaven (Club Mix)
14. Heaven (Club Too Mix)
15. Handsome (Mosaic Remix)
16. Handsome (Psycho-Ray-Mix)
17. Handsome (Slow-Motion-Mix)
18. Handsome (Live 2000 preparation)

A1 Seize Your Day
A2 Heaven (I Want You)
A3 Mellotron
A4 Mother
A5 Dad
A6 These Eyes
B1 What For
B2 Waiting
B3 This Day
B4 Handsome
B5 Bitter Sweet
B6 Spellbound

C1 Where The Happy Live
C2 Accordion
C3 Who The Hell Is David Butler?
C4 Riding With Lawrence (Demo)
C5 Finally Writing (Demo)
C6 Lonestar Karma (Demo)
D1 Waiting (Demo)
D2 Spellbound (Demo)
D3 Seize Your Day (Demo)
D4 Bitter Sweet (Demo)
D5 Who The Hell Is David Butler? (Demo)
D6 Missing Mark (Demo)
D7 Quest For A Cure (Demo)

E1 Mother (Electronica Mix 2020)
E2 Heaven (Club Mix)
E3 Heaven (Club Too Mix)
E4 Handsome (Mosaic Remix)
F1 Handsome (Psycho-Ray-Mix)
F2 Handsome (Slow-Motion-Mix)
F3 Handsome (Live 2000 preparation)
F4 Towers (Demo)

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