I'm staring into winter ...

(2021/12/21) Today is the beginning of winter and the song "Winter" is available for the first time as streaming and digital download. The cover version of "The Sound" was originally released on the various artists compilation "Treasury ..." 25 years ago and is a tribute to "Adrian Borland" & "The Sound".

Artist: Camouflage
Title: Winter
Release: 2021-12-21
Digital only
1. Winter 5:11 Min
2. Winter (Instrumental) 5:11 Min

Written by Adrian Borland (1957-1999).
Produced by Heiko Maile
Recorded & mixed at the “House of Mr. Mendoza”, Hamburg (1996)
Lead Vocals: Marcus Meyn
Electronics & Studio: Heiko Maile
Cover by RR
Photo by Oliver Kreyssig (1986)

Cover version of "Winter" by "The Sound".
A tribute to "Adrian Borland" & "The Sound" by „Camouflage“.
Originally released 1995 on Various Artists Compilation "Treasury..." (1996) and on "Camouflage - Archive #01" compilation CD (2007).
For the first time available as digital or download.